Month: January 2019

Adding Caution to the Kiplinger ETF 20

We’ve traded VanEck Vectors Fallen Angels High Yield for iShares Ultra Short-Term Bond to tamp down risk among our favorite exchange-traded funds.

Are You Really Ready to Retire? 8 Steps to a Happy Retirement

Last year, Nick Crisci felt more than ready to retire. After working nonstop for 46 years, the 69-year-old feared the stress of his information technology job was affecting his health. Crisci, who lives in Pflugerville, Tex., prepared for retirement by…

What I Learned When Stocks Tanked

Our Practical Investing columnist, Kathy Kristof, invests in a “smart” index fund that hasn’t proven all that bright through the recent dark days of the market.

Buy These Free-Range Bond Funds

There’s more to bond investing than picking funds that adhere closely to an index or cling to the apparent safety of Treasuries.

Home Prices Take a Breather

Prices will continue rising, but more slowly, as the housing market regains some balance between buyers and sellers.