Month: August 2018

6 Estate-Planning Mistakes Celebrities Made

As if dying isn’t bad enough, imagine your ex (your no-good, lying, cheating ex!) rolling in all the money you left behind. And, worse, your beloved family fighting it out in court to get what they can. Time to update your estate plan, right?

Indeed, …

23 Best Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

For many, the thirst to be a wanderlust is real. Whether it’s traveling to a sunny Caribbean beach, touring historic towns in Europe, or hop scotching across America, many people would rather be “there” than home. For these rabid travelers, there’s goo…

7 Dow Stocks at a Reasonable Price

Stocks might be hitting all-time highs, but there still are bargains to be found, especially among the blue-chip stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The exclusive club of 30 Dow stocks is bristling with names that remain reasonably priced even …

My Plan B (C, D and E) to Raise Cash

I have several contingency
plans for a down market, none of which require
tons of sacrifice. So I’ve
opted to hold less cash.