Month: July 2018

10 of the Market’s Most Shorted Stocks

When can negativity be used for something positive? Well, in the market, a quick look at the most shorted stocks could unearth potential.

The typical investor’s approach to the market is buying low, then selling high. This simple approach also is the …

How Amazon Ruined Whole Foods (Or Maybe Not)

I was a happy Whole Foods shopper until recently. I know I usually paid a premium, but I found their fruit crisper than the produce I picked through at other supermarkets, and their fresh salmon worth the cost over frozen fillets I could buy elsewhere….

Average 401k Returns: How Do You Compare

401(k) plans are a common way that many Americans use to plan their retirement nest egg. You are probably one of the millions of people who are using a 401(k) as part of your retirement plan. In fact, you might have most of your retirement fund squirre…

7 Dividend ETFs That Do It Differently

Investors rely on exchange-traded funds to give them instant diversification across a wide number of strategies: growth, value, sectors, geography … and of course, dividends. Dividend ETFs such as the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (VIG) and Vang…