Month: June 2018

A Shocking Story of Electric-Car Life

If you travel more than, say, 150 miles from home more than a few times a year, I don’t see an electric car working as your primary vehicle.

Midyear Moves for Retirees to Rein In Their Tax Tabs

Halfway through the tax year is always a good time to assess where you stand with Uncle Sam. You can see how the year’s tax bill is taking shape while you still have plenty of time to make tax-saving moves. It’s particularly critical to do a midyear as…

Great Places to Retire Near the Beach

Lazing about the beach is a common retirement dream, but you don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive oceanfront condo to live it. You can find great places to retire in America’s Heartland, far from the coast, that offer access to freshwater beaches…

Moms: Make Your Home Work Like Work

Women have taken the workplace by storm, but at home they often get stuck in the same old rut of yesteryear. The answer to a happy home life could lie in the management skills that bring them success at work.